Practical Internet Marketing For Small Businesses – How to Dominate Your Local Market

Internet marketing for Small Business is the new buzz and it is easy to see why. The latest comscor date from Dec 2009 states that there were over 90 billion searches a month on Google alone. Yes you did read that correctly 90 Billion.Up from 30 billion less than a year before. One of the reasons for this is so many people now are becoming internet savvy. Only last week I had a friend request on Facebook from two friends of mine who both turned 60 last year. The internet is the stomping ground of everyone now. Internet marketing for small business might just lead all of us into a brighter future.It is a place where everyone can connect in a really easy way. If you are a local business owner looking for business in your own geography the picture has never been brighter as long as you know what you are doing. The thing it is much easier than you think.The first and easiest way is to have a Google listing. To be exact a Google business listing. Local search is big business. Did you know that over 80% of people now search online for service providers. Can you afford to lose 80% of potential new clients. When this particular strategy is so quick and easyIt is free easy and simple to do. All you need is a Google mail account the information on your business and you are good to go. If you can type in a word document. You could be on the first page of Google within 24 hours.It is a simple 3 stage process;1.Sign up for a Google mail accountSo easy to do. Just Google Googlemail and follow the instructions.2. Add in your company detailsAdd in all your business details, including all your different services, how people can pay you.3. Confirm by phone or SMSFinally add in your phone number. You then get a confirmation phone call and you are all done. Yes it really is that simple.When I did my own we appeared on the first page of Google within 5 hours. The statistics that come with it will also show you how many times your add is shown and people click through. And this costs nothing!

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